We Design

We Construct

We Form

Our design solutions are focused on the engineering of your project, or its form and function. We are not graphic / brand designers but we will work with them to provide the key structure to create great packaging design.

Critical to any packaging solution is ensuring we have all the information to hand. Not just the product to package but how is it being sold, displayed and packaged for shipping. With such a range of products and materials to utilise in packaging if we don’t know the full picture we cant provide optimal solutions.

Consult – Concept – Refine – Define – Produce

As we specialise in the finishing process we can often offer alternatives at the design stage that will provide more cost effective or efficient packaging. Libraries of templates are available from us on various packages and boxes, as long as we are involved in the finishing of your project for you or your printer, we can provide these free of charge.

If in doubt ask! We are here to help and offer advice without any commitment.