Our investment in the latest gluing and forming technology enables us to deliver a wider range of formed, glued boxes than ever before.

From the smallest flat sheet measuring 50mm x 150mm to the largest at 1010mm x 720mm we can glue it, fold it, tape it and form it all inline. Almost any stock board or paper from 120gsm up to mounted E-Flute, delivering as wider range of packaging solutions as anyone in NZ but with more flexibility and adaptability.

Not only the standard 1 direction gluing, with multiple glue heads and taping units we can also glue and tape in 2 directions, opening up more options for specialised and complex projects. We also offer straight line and parallel gluing, crash lock, envelopes with peel and seal, wallets , sleaves and more.

IF it needs to be folded, glued, formed and finished we can and will have solution we can offer.